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Edel Walsh

Registered Professional Counsellor
& Certified Life Coach

About Love Done Well

Certified Relationship & Couples Therapists

Love Done Well is a leading group of Certified relationship and couples therapists in the Metro Vancouver area who work exclusively with individuals and couples.

We are committed to helping our clients move from relationship pain and struggle to more harmony and fulfillment. We help people ‘Do Love Well’.

We are trained in leading methods of relationship therapy that are proven to get results.

Our Therapists

Edel Walsh, Certified Relationship Counsellor and Owner

Edel WalshEdel is a successful Certified relationship therapist and founder of Love Done Well. Through her own healing journey she came to see the mistakes she was making in her relationships and was able to break her negative patterns of relating and discovered how to do love well.

This experience led Edel into the field of therapy and inspired her to start her relationship and couples therapy practice, Love Done Well. 13 years after starting her practice, Edel’s client load became so successful that she began to hire specially trained relationship and couples counsellors to work with her at Love Done Well.

Edel is an outstanding relationship therapist. Her special strengths include her ability to quickly access the root of her clients’ relationship problems and directly challenge clients to make positive changes. Edel’s clients appreciate how she combines her sharp mind and advanced counselling skills with her loving sense of humor.

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Jillian Pedrick, Certified Relationship Counsellor

Jillian PedrickJillian has been a valued asset to the Love Done Well team because of her years of experience and masterful skills. In addition to her training and experience as a Certified Relationship Therapist, Jillian is also a Professional Naturopath.

Like Edel, early relationship experiences led Jillian to focus her personal growth and professional training to transform herself and all her relationships. She brings this passion and expertise to her work

Along with her extensive training and advanced counselling skills, Jillian has a warm and non-judgmental approach. Jillian is skilled at adapting her style to meet clients’ unique needs, enabling excellent results.

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Leanne Clarkson, Relationship Counsellor

Leanne ClarksonLeanne was also drawn to become a couples counsellor due to the profound changes she was able to make in herself and in her relationship with her husband through couples counselling. Leanne is passionate about helping her clients achieve the same kind of relationship success she has had.

Leanne’s key strengths include her ability to create a safe and warm counselling environment, her ability to provide direct and honest feedback in a respectful and fun way, and her passion for practicing therapy, which motivates her to find the most effective ways to help her clients.

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