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Has Your Relationship Become a Struggle? 

Or, Maybe You Just Want to Make it Better Than it is?

Our Love Done Well for Couples Online Course Can Help You Make Your Relationship the Best it Can Be…

Discover the tools you need to resolve your problems and develop the skills to safeguard your relationship for now and the future…

The best experience of my life. I’m changed forever.

Lana H., Vancouver, BC


An intimate relationship is one of the most rewarding aspects of life.

The love, comfort, security and companionship you get from having a life partner are unique and can’t be matched with anyone else.


Relationships can also be one of the greatest sources of stress and pain.

Like the rest of us, you learned how to be in relationships from your parents or caregivers.

And because your parents were never taught how to have a healthy relationship, their relationship was likely far from perfect – it may have even been destructive.

Much of what you learned from your parents about relationships is outside your conscious awareness.

This means that when you’re upset with your partner, despite your best intentions, you may behave defensively or in other damaging ways.

The good news is that whatever your patterns of relating to each other are, you can overcome them!

It’s never too late to have a healthy and rewarding relationship…

…If you DO something about it!

The Love Done Well for Couples Online Course Shows You How to Heal Unhealthy Relationship Patterns to Create a More Loving Relationship

Probably one of the TOP instructors I have ever had! An outstanding individual who has the capacity of taking people to their personal edge. WOW – that’s all I can say – wow! (And thank you SO much).

Deirdre, Vancouver, BC

Hi, my name is Edel Walsh. I’m a Couples Therapist in Vancouver, BC.

I know how painful and discouraging relationships can be when they’re NOT Done Well.

I also know how fulfilling relationships can be when they ARE Done Well.

How do I know?

For one, I’ve been there.

Before I healed my negative relationship patterns and discovered how to Do Love Well, I was unhappy in my relationships far too often.

I blamed my partners for my unhappiness and failed to see my part in our problems.

Fortunately, after years of struggle, I “woke up” and realized that I needed to change.

After a lot of personal growth work, including therapy, I was able to heal my relationship patterns.

I’m thrilled to say that I’m now in a fulfilling and loving relationship.

Along with my personal experience in relationships, I’ve helped over 500 clients overcome their relationship problems for over 18 years as a counsellor. 

I’ve devoted my career to learning everything I can about relationships and couple dynamics.

I love every minute I spend studying relationships and working with clients!

I’ve worked with couples who improved their relationships in only a few therapy sessions.

I’ve also helped couples at the end of the line in their relationship, feeling hopeless and in despair about ever being able to salvage their relationship.

Through couples therapy, these troubled couples healed their pain and resentments and deepened their connection and commitment to each other.

What My Clients Say About My Work as a Therapist

For the first time in weeks, I can sleep. With all the hurt and confusion, it is comforting that at least “we have a plan”- no matter the outcome at least we have a plan. I take comfort in knowing that my partner and I are at least on the same page on something. Thank you so much.


My husband and I were discussing our last session and we both found it extremely helpful. You have made us think outside the box and think hard. Thank you for that.


Thank you for being the instrument for us to be able to have a deeper understanding of how we are feeling. Thank you for paving the way for both of us to heal.


Whether your relationship is in trouble or only has a few problems, the Love Done Well for Couples online course shows you how to have the kind of relationship that you long for deep in your heart.

In 8, 2-hour live online classes, you’ll learn all the foundational information you need to make changes in how you and your partner love.

In the Love Done Well for Couples online course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop healthy, loving patterns of interacting
  • Skillfully communicate to get your needs met in the relationship
  • Use effective skills to help you resolve conflict with each other
  • Feel safer and more secure with each other
  • Deepen intimacy, bringing you closer together
  • Have more fun together as a couple
  • Be more optimistic about your future together
  • Grow as individuals, becoming more secure and confident in yourselves
  • Be skilled at Doing Love Well

Yes!! Wow – thank you for presenting stuff/concepts I knew in a way I could hear it. You reached me. I was tearing up as the concepts hit me. Great encapsulation of ideas I had heard before but did not allow in.

J, Vancouver, BC

Details for The Love Done Well for Couples Online Course

8 LIVE classes over 8 Weeks – 2 hours each
Starts Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

Module 1: How to Stop the Blame Game: Discover Why Each Partner Must Take Responsibility for Their Part in Your Relationship Problems

Many people believe their relationship would be ok if their partner would change. The problem with this myth is that when you’re not aware of your contribution to the negative relationship dynamic, you do things that trigger your partner.

Your partner then gets triggered and reacts in ways that hurt you. This becomes a vicious cycle.

This initial module helps you understand your relationship dynamic and shows you how to take responsibility for your behavior and change your negative patterns.

Couple arguing

Module 2: Discover How Your Nervous System Hijacks Your Behavior When You Feel Threatened – and How to Take Back Control of Your Reactions.

When you or your partner feel threatened, you likely react in one of 3 ways: fight, flight or freeze.

These triggers are automatic and deeply rooted in your nervous system. They are usually caused by previous trauma or childhood wounds, and they can interfere with responding to your partner in positive ways.

Module 2 shows you how to recognize when your nervous system thinks you’re in danger and how to bring yourself back to feeling a safe connection with your partner.

Nerve cell

Module 3: Where You Begin, and Your Partner Ends – Understanding Differentiation and Why it’s Necessary for a Healthy Relationship

Differentiation means knowing how to describe your thoughts, feelings and desires to your partner while emotionally tolerating your partner doing the same.

It sounds easy, but it’s not, especially when your partner says things that are difficult to hear.

If you’re undifferentiated in your intimate relationship, it leads to arguments that escalate or emotional and physical distancing behaviours. 

Module 3 will show you how to develop a healthy ‘self’ separate from your partner to really show up in your relationship.

Happy couple

Module 4: How to Recognize Ineffective Coping Behaviours and Develop Better Ones to Get Your Needs Met

You and your partner learned in childhood how to cope with traumatic or challenging situations.

Perhaps it felt safe to hide when your parents argued. Maybe you reacted to threats by yelling at your siblings. Or, maybe during conflicted situations, you tried to calm everyone down. 

These learned coping behaviours were helpful to you as a child but might no longer be effective in an adult intimate relationship.

In this module, you’ll discover how to become aware of these ineffective coping behaviours and develop healthy ways of responding to your partner to get your needs met.

Stop talking, I've had enough

Module 5: How to Stop Distancing and Get Closer to Your Partner

In this module, you’ll learn about vulnerability and closeness and what gets in the way of it.

Unconscious rules that cause you to protect yourself can be a barrier to intimacy. Family rules (often unspoken) and cultural mores often contribute to emotional distance in intimate relationships. 

In this 5th module, you’ll learn how to make it safe for you and your partner to get closer to each other.

Caring couple, holding hands

Module 6: Why Feelings Play a Key Role in Relationship Connection – And How to Become Emotionally Fluent

If you don’t know what you’re feeling, how will your partner meet your needs? Knowing when you have a feeling, how to name it and process it will enable you to move out of protecting yourself and into connecting with your partner.

In this module, you will learn about the 3N’s. How to NOTICE when you have a feeling; How to accurately NAME your feeling, and how to NAVIGATE that feeling in a healthy way.

Couple enjoying coffee together

Module 7: How to Repair Breakdown – and Get to Breakthrough

Breakdown + Repair = Breakthrough. 

You know about the ‘breakdown’ part in your relationship, but what about the ‘repair’ part?

Acknowledging what you did that hurt your partner, validating their feelings, and empathizing with how they feel are all necessary to repair a breakdown. 

Adding a sincere apology ensures a breakthrough towards connection instead of separation.

In this 7th module, you’ll learn how to really apologize so that conflicts get resolved and stop rearing their ugly heads over and over again.

Gay couple holding hands

Module 8: How to Talk So Your Partner Will Listen – And How to Listen So Your Partner Will Talk

There are fundamental communication guidelines that make you feel safer with your partner. Without them, you and your partner will struggle with competing needs that may never get met. 

In this final module, you’ll learn powerful ways to relate to each other to ensure that you both get your needs met, feel heard and understood and end the power struggle once and for all.

Happy couple

I want to take a moment to add to the pile of accolades I’m sure have been pouring in re the powerful presentation you gifted us all with yesterday.


Dates and Times of the Live Online Classes:

8 Wednesdays, Starting October 5th, 2022

October 5th, 12th 19th and 26th
November 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd
From 7-9pm Pacific Time/10-12am Eastern

Ready to Leap Towards the Kind of Relationship You Want and Deserve?

One payment of $895 CAD + GST per couple


2 monthly payments of $495 + GST per couple

Join Now

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you decide the course is not what you expected after the first module, you can ask for your money back before the 2nd session begins.


Too many couples wait too long before taking steps to improve their relationship.

According to the world’s renowned relationship and marriage expert, Dr. John Gottman, Troubled couples wait an average of 6 years before getting help

I’m sure you agree with me – 6 Years is FAR TOO LONG to be in relationship struggle and pain!

I don’t want you – or any couple – to wait 6 years before taking action to get your relationship on track.

The longer you let problems linger, the more challenging it is to overcome them.

It’s never too late to improve your relationship, but it makes absolutely no sense to wait to do what you need to do now!

You might want to join the Love Done Well for Couples online course, but you’re hesitating because…

  • You’re not sure you have time to invest in the course.

I get it. You’re busy. You have lots on the go. You have trouble imagining where you will fit in the time to take this course.

As with anything in life, you prioritize what is most important to you. You just have to decide if your relationship is important enough to make it a priority.

  • You’re wondering if investing the money in the course will be worth it. What if it doesn’t work?

Fear that you won’t get the results you desire is understandable. After all, chances are, you’ve tried to get your relationship back on track, and it hasn’t worked so far.

If you attend the 8 live sessions and do the exercises provided in the course, you’re bound to make progress. And when you do, the fee you pay for the course will seem insignificant.

I am sure you’d agree that reducing stress, healing your pain and deepening your connection with each other is worth many times more than the fee for this course.

Also, there is the satisfaction guarantee – you can ask for your money back after the first module if you decide the course isn’t for you.

  • You’re exhausted, disillusioned and overwhelmed. You don’t know if you have the energy to repair your relationship.

Yes, ongoing relationship struggles are exhausting!

I guess what you have to ask yourself is, Do you want to continue living with exhaustion, or do you want to revitalize your relationship and yourself?

The bottom line is, you can continue on the path you’re taking now.

It’s one filled with months, years or perhaps decades of heartache.


You can choose happiness, connection and peace.

The choice is yours…

I thoroughly and progressively enjoyed this course more and more.  This workshop went beyond my expectations.

CA, Vancouver, BC

Dates and Times of the Live Online Classes:

8 Wednesdays, Starting October 5th, 2022

October 5th, 12th 19th and 26th
November 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd
From 7-9pm Pacific Time/10-12am Eastern

One payment of $895 CAD + GST per couple


2 monthly payments of $495 + GST per couple

Join Now