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You Know How Much Love Hurts
When You’re Struggling to Do it Well

Discover What it Feels Like
When Love IS Done Well

When love goes wrong it hurts.

It hurts more than almost anything else in life. It disrupts every aspect of your life including how you feel about yourself. It can be all-consuming and exhausting.

If you’re like most of our clients who see us for marriage counselling or relationship therapy, you’re unhappy with your love life. Your relationships have been filled with pain and strife for far too long.

On the one hand, you may feel hopeless and think it’s never going to be any different. You sometimes feel like you’re jinxed to fail at love…

Yet on the other hand, you don’t want to give up trying. You want to love and be loved.

You just don’t know how.

Before coming to counselling at Love Done Well… if I was angry about something I wouldn’t express it in a loving way. I wasn’t treating my husband very well.  There was lots of attack and defense on my part. I didn’t really know my own values well enough to say – enough. It’s like I wasn’t ready to believe that I deserved better.

L.C., Vancouver, BC

It’s not because you haven’t tried to solve your relationship problems.

You’ve tried again and again to change the negative relationship patterns that plague you. You either seem to choose the “wrong person” or you make the same mistakes over and over in your relationships. You can’t seem to figure out how to make things different.

Something is getting in the way of you “doing love well” — of having a happy and healthy relationship that feels good.

The problem is that “something” is like a mystery…

Although you have a sense of some things that are causing your pain, on some level, you really don’t know why things turn so sour in your love life.

It just doesn’t make sense.


One thing you do know is: You want the struggle to end.

And this is where relationship therapy or couples counselling comes in…

I feel much closer to my husband on a consistent basis than I have in 8 years. There’s no big conflict anymore. Triggers only last a few minutes; whereas in the past a trigger would have affected the relationship in a big way.

The other thing that’s been happening is I’ve been declaring a lot what I want – the adult way to communicate is to declare what I want.

I trust my partner more than I have in years. I think the reason that I am trusting is that I’m being more transparent and that opens up conversations about something that I previously would have made up stories about.

I think the biggest word for me is hope – there’s a lot of hope there; hope for our future.

L.C., Vancouver, BC

Whether you are single or in a relationship, as a couples and relationship therapist, we can show you how to “do love well.”

  • Our marriage and relationship counsellors help you uncover the “missing link” to your relationship happiness.
  • You’ll find out exactly how to get what you need.
  • You’ll eliminate deeply ingrained patterns of communicating that are preventing you from having the relationship you want.
  • You’ll move away from struggle and stress and feel more appreciated and loved.
  • You’ll be able to trust more and have deeper intimacy.
  • You’ll be more satisfied sexually.
  • You’ll feel confident knowing that you CAN “do love well”.
  • You’ll notice the difference in how you go about your life. You’ll feel more fulfilled and have a greater sense of peace.

We’re Dedicated to Helping People Like You Learn to Do Love Well.

Doing Love Well is not as difficult to grasp as you may think – you don’t have to be in therapy for years to change unhealthy patterns of relationship.

Edel’s style is warm and friendly but to the point. She gets to the heart of the matter – to the real source which is amazing. She is extremely impartial – which has not always been the case for me in a counsellor. To be able to really go deep and do it in a compassionate and impartial way is magical.

L.C., Vancouver, BC

After overcoming our own relationship struggles, we figured out how to do love well in our own lives. Now, we want to help you do the same.

Our relationship therapists are passionate about helping people like you find meaningful and fulfilling love – to help you develop the relationship you long for.

We are committed to helping you turn your love life around.

Relationship therapy is now more effective than ever. With advanced research and therapy techniques, the success rates of relationship and couples counselling have increased substantially over the years.

With our dedication and expertise combined with a commitment from you, you can turn your love life around. Our goal is to help you do that as quickly as possible.

You CAN Do Love Well.

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