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Relationship Counselling for Singles

For Singles Wishing to Transform Loneliness & Heartache Into Healthy and Harmonious Relationship Patterns

Our relationship counsellors provide therapy to singles who have a history of struggle and turmoil in their relationships. They want a relationship counsellor who can help them uncover what is causing their pain and help them heal. They want to discover how to have a fulfilling relationship and Do Love Well.

If you’re single and can relate with any of the problems below, you’re a suitable candidate for counselling with us in our offices in Vancouver or via Skype or phone:
  • You don’t understand why relationships are so difficult for you.
  • You are frustrated with repeated relationships that bring you so much pain.
  • Your relationships are fraught with conflict, or are characterized by a lack of intimacy and distance.
  • You seem to attract people who are not ready for a committed relationship.
  • You don’t get your needs for emotional or physical intimacy met in your relationships.
  • You feel undeserving of a healthy, happy relationship.
  • You feel lonely. You long to have a happy loving relationship with a partner who is there for you.
  • You sometimes doubt that you will ever find love that fulfills you.

It doesn’t matter how much heartache you’ve had, how long you’ve struggled, or how old you are, relationship counselling can help you heal. It can open the doors to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship than you could ever have imagined. Relationship therapy does work once you decide you’re ready for it.

Before I came for counselling I had problems maintaining a successful relationship. With each failed one I felt like I was losing more of myself until eventually I didn’t know who I was – and if I could get me back. It had gotten to the point where even when I wanted out of a relationship that wasn’t working, I would stay just so I wouldn’t face rejection. In fact, I was so afraid of rejection that I tried to be who I thought my partner wanted. I was scared of being myself. I was lonely, mad and frustrated with myself.

Since I started counselling, I have finally found myself again. I have started to do hobbies, which I’ve wanted to do for years. I am way happier and a bit sad I didn’t have the courage to do them sooner. I also learned to appreciate my strengths, and to communicate what I need, with friends, family and with a future match. I’m back at night school and have taken on some projects that are incredibly exciting and very scary.

Counselling was the only way to kick-start making these important changes as it’s easy to fall back on old patterns. Being asked tough questions and having to take responsibility is very freeing. My counsellor had a way of sitting with everything and knowing exactly when to push a subject or to sense if I was not getting at the truth. I am very grateful for my therapist’s insight, wisdom, and toughness. Thanks very much.

C.W., Vancouver, BC

Relationship Therapy Works Best When:

  • You are fully committed to transforming your negative patterns of relating once and for all.
  • You want to heal past wounds so that you become more open to really loving someone and allowing yourself to be loved.
  • You are willing to take responsibility for your part of what has gone wrong in your relationships.
  • You are ready to make changes in your behavior in order to have better relationships in the future.
  • You are able to be honest about your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and share them in our relationship counselling sessions.
  • You want to grow as an individual in order to feel stronger, more confident and to have better relationships.
  • You want to see quick results and are able to invest the time and money into therapy in order for that to happen.

Counselling with Love Done Well really helped me through the breakdown of my marriage and helped me put the focus and energy back on to me. My therapist helped me create new boundaries for myself around how I dealt with my ex-husband and also for how I dealt with my 3 children.

I learned how to figure out what it is that I want and how to ask for it and also how to be open to receiving it. My therapist is very passionate about what she does and while being firm and clear, she has depth of compassion and understanding. She has patience and a wealth of experience. And she is fun. I always feel lighter, stronger and more focused after our coaching sessions. I would highly recommend her.

Thank you.

R.K., Dublin, Ireland

As relationship therapists, we live and breathe relationships. Our mission is to help as many people as we can find happiness in love. It might seem difficult to imagine right now, but we can assure you it is possible. We’ll invest all of our knowledge and skills into your relationship therapy sessions and we’ll ask that you do the same. The more committed you are to the process of therapy, the quicker you will heal and find relationship happiness.

If you want to spend all your time and money chatting with a counsellor who agrees with everything you have to say, then look elsewhere. If you want to get better and learn how to take charge of your life again, then read on.

Edel… has a dogged willingness to glean everything about you that you both think matters. Combine that with an open-mindedness to accept and respect anything that she discovers along the way and an intuitive quality that defies description and you’ve just had a session with Edel. Edel is as tender and sweet as she is tenacious.

E.B., Vancouver, BC

Singles Relationship Counselling Sessions

1. The First Relationship Therapy Session: The Relationship Inventory

Singles therapy with one of our counsellors will begin with a Relationship Inventory. During this session we will:

    • Assess your problems and strengths in relationship. We’ll listen to your story and make sure you feel heard.
    • Determine what you want from a relationship. We’ll create a vision for exactly what you want your love life to look like.
    • Develop an action plan for achieving your relationship goals.
    • Begin healing your relationship wounds. We’ll get going right away with assignments you can work on at home until our next session.
2. Ongoing Relationship Therapy Sessions

Relationship Counselling Sessions

Once we’ve completed the relationship inventory and have determined your goals for relationship, we recommend starting weekly sessions immediately. This will help you build momentum and shorten the time you need to be in therapy. In addition, in order to achieve fast results, you’ll benefit most if you attend relationship therapy sessions consistently. Our goal is to help you create a new way of being in relationship as quickly as possible.

When I first met my counsellor at Love Done Well I thought I had myself all figured out. She helped me see where I wasn’t being honest with myself, and always gave me the straight goods. She saw my potential and never gave up on me. She will shadow your willingness to work on yourself with attentiveness, honesty and skill.

My counsellor played such a huge role in all the positive changes that have taken place in my life. She showed me the importance of not isolating too much. She showed me how to be a leader AND showed me that I actually do care what people think of me. AND, that I was lying to myself and others about that. In fact, caring too much about what others think might be the one biggest thing that has held me back in life.

Edel is truly an inspiration and is in large part responsible for the wonderful person I am today.

Thank you Edel.

T.B., Victoria, BC

By the time we complete our work together in relationship counselling, you’ll be able to:

  • Feel healed from the past that has caused you heartache.
  • Have healthier, more loving patterns of being in relationship.
  • Know what you want in relationship and how to ensure that you get it.
  • Develop strong conflict resolution skills that will help you in future relationships.
  • Feel safer and be willing to risk more in relationships.
  • Feel more confident and secure in yourself.
  • Feel content and happy even if you are not in a relationship.
  • Feel optimistic about your life and your future in relationships.
  • Be well on the road to Doing Love Well.

If you are ready to transform loneliness & heartache into healthy and harmonious relationship patterns, contact us now in our Downtown office in Vancouver.

We also provide relationship counselling and coaching to clients anywhere in the world by phone and secure online video platforms. Contact us to find out more.

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