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About Love Done Well

Certified Relationship & Couples Therapists

Love Done Well is a leading group of Certified relationship and couples therapists in the Metro Vancouver area who work exclusively with individuals and couples.

We are committed to helping our clients move from relationship pain and struggle to more harmony and fulfillment. We help people ‘Do Love Well’.

We are trained in leading methods of relationship therapy that are proven to get results.

Our Therapists

Edel Walsh, Certified Relationship Counsellor and Owner

Edel WalshEdel is a successful Certified relationship therapist and founder of Love Done Well. Through her own healing journey she came to see the mistakes she was making in her relationships and was able to break her negative patterns of relating and discovered how to do love well.

This experience led Edel into the field of therapy and inspired her to start her relationship and couples therapy practice, Love Done Well. 13 years after starting her practice, Edel’s client load became so successful that she began to hire specially trained relationship and couples counsellors to work with her at Love Done Well.

Edel is an outstanding relationship therapist. Her special strengths include her ability to quickly access the root of her clients’ relationship problems and directly challenge clients to make positive changes. Edel’s clients appreciate how she combines her sharp mind and advanced counselling skills with her loving sense of humor.

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Viktoria Ivanova, Online Relationship Therapist & Couples Counsellor

Viktoria Ivanova, Online Relationship Therapist & Couples CounsellorViktoria is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a mission to share with people an essential life skill – how to build healthy relationships and transform challenging ones.

In her 20s, Viktoria struggled with intimate relationships. Even though she felt in control in other areas of her life like school, work and friendships, when it came to relationships, she felt lost in the chaos of her feelings.

She knew that there had to be a different way to be in a relationship. In the pursuit of finding the new way, Viktoria began to study psychology and later completed her Master’s in Counselling Psychology.

Yet, her best training about relationships came from completing her own therapy as she put to practice what she learned. She continues gaining skills through ongoing training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and in the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.

Viktoria is a skilled online therapist who uses her training, experience and intuition to guide her clients towards gaining insight, recognizing ‘unhealthy’ patterns and feeling empowered to change. In Viktoria’s sessions with couples, she works with what she calls “3 clients” – two partners and the relationship. She treats all 3 with great honor and respect

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Suzan Moldenhauer, Registered Professional Counsellor, Online Relationship and Couples Therapist, Comox, BC

Suzan Moldenhauer, Registered Professional Counsellor Online Relationship and Couples Therapist, Comox, BCSuzan is a Registered Professional Counsellor living in Comox, BC. She was a conflict-avoider in her young life, which caused many difficulties in her relationships. Once she began her healing journey, she learned that conflict is unavoidable in relationships.

She discovered that when couples’ differences are dealt with effectively, it brings them closer together. This profound learning led her to become a relationship and couples therapist.

Suzan helps couples be more compassionate with themselves and their partners. She uses the popular Gottman Method of Couples therapy based on over 30 years of research.

The Gottman approach creates more relationship satisfaction because couples become closer, deepening their bond. The method also provides numerous tools to help you communicate better with your partner and resolve even difficult disagreements.

Suzan is a caring and gifted therapist who can hold hope for you even when you feel discouraged. She is patient and down-to-earth. She loves helping people move past relationship struggles and pain to create relationships that fulfill their deepest desires.

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Sofia Dias Coroa, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Relationship Therapist, Vancouver, BC

Sofia Dias CoroaSofia Dias Coroa is a Vancouver-based relationship therapist. She struggled in relationships in her early life seeking the “perfect” man.

It took many years before she realized that her relationships were unsuccessful due to something she was doing. Eventually, she decided it was time to break the unhealthy patterns she was stuck in.

Sofia attended therapy, where she faced her fears about intimacy and challenged her beliefs about her worthiness of giving and receiving love.

As a counsellor, Sofia is trained in leading methods that help her clients overcome the obstacles that hold them back from love. She works with clients to help them heal their wounds to have healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Sofia is a caring and dedicated counsellor who gently guides clients to work at a safe pace that feels comfortable to them. She is skilled at helping clients get to the root of their issues to move beyond them once and for all.

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