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Couples and Marriage Counselling

For Couples Wishing to Transform Conflict and Pain Into Harmony and Happiness

We provide marriage and couples therapy to people who are feeling stuck and discouraged in their relationships. They are looking for ways to save their relationship and create more fulfillment and deeper intimacy. In essence, they want to discover how to Do Love Well.

Our therapists provide counselling in our Vancouver office or via Skype or phone.

If you resonate with any of the problems below, you’re a suitable couple for couples counselling:

  • You and your partner have ongoing hurtful arguments with each other.
  • The two of you struggle with the same issues over and over (e.g. parenting, money, in-laws, sex, etc)
  • You don’t feel heard, respected or loved enough.
  • You have a lousy or non-existent sex life.
  • One of you has had an affair and you’re on a roller coaster of emotions – grief, anger, regret, etc.
  • You’re distant and cool towards each other; you’ve lost your connection.
  • You’re worried that the relationship will end – or one of you is thinking about moving on.

Regardless of how long you have been struggling in your relationship and how frustrated and hurt you are feeling, with marriage therapy there is always hope. Our couples therapists can help you turn your relationship around often in only a few sessions. Research shows couples counselling works!

John, Reluctant to Attend Couples Counselling Becomes Closer to His Partner and Improves All His Personal and Professional Relationships

I came to couples counselling with Edel because my wife was not happy with the state of our affairs. I agreed to attend mostly because it was something that was important to her.

Now, very little is the same in our relationship. Both of us have evolved a lot.

What started as a ‘couples journey’ actually turned out to be an ‘I’ journey. I have grown a lot. It has helped my relationship with my wife, and frankly, it’s helped ALL the relationships I have, both personally and professionally.

Therapy helped me listen to my feelings and to figure out what is going on inside of me.

I’ve learned it’s ok to be comfortable with and proud of myself.

I am most proud of sticking with therapy, even though it was hard and uncomfortable at times. We stuck with it and were brave enough to take risks and be vulnerable.

Through the process of therapy, I have connected with my wife in a way I never realized that you could connect with another person.

I know now what she was talking about in our first session re: connection!

The skills, processes, and tools learned in counselling apply to all relationships and are not just a couples thing.

This approach works; even though I may not have liked every minute of it, I sure learned a lot, and for that I am thankful.

John (Sally’s Husband), Vancouver, BC

Couples Counselling Works Best When:

  • You and your partner are fully committed to making your relationship work.
  • You are open to healing past wounds in order to allow yourself to love and to be loved.
  • You’re ready to make changes in your behavior in order to save your relationship.
  • You are willing to take responsibility for your part in your relationship problems.
  • You’re willing to be honest about your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and share them in our couples therapy sessions.
  • You want to grow as an individual in order to be happier and make your relationship better.
  • You want to see results quickly and are willing to invest the time and money for that to happen.

As counsellors who specialize in working with couples, we are passionate about our work. We will invest deeply in helping you succeed. In order to help you create a more loving and fulfilling relationship, we want both of you to invest the same of yourselves. We ask this of you because the deeper you engage in the process of therapy, the quicker you will see results. We will be clear and direct with you. We want you to be the same with each other.

My biggest personal breakthrough in therapy is that I am now not my own worst enemy! 

I am kinder to myself. I know that my thoughts, ideas, and feelings are valid. They do not deserve judgment by me or others.

Edel showed me how flexible my husband can be when he’s approached with kindness and patience. I am reminded of why I married him and love him.

I now have the ability to be calmer about conflict – allow it to exist, be curious as to why it is happening, and how to resolve it.

I have confidence in myself and my feelings – and in my intuition, which is a great strength.

I am now less judgmental of my husband – he’s on my side and “we” are worthwhile.

I am greatly satisfied with the outcomes of our counselling with Love Done Well.

Sally, Vancouver, BC

Couples Counselling & Coaching Sessions

1. The First Session: The Relationship Inventory

Our initial couples therapy session will begin with a Relationship Inventory with one of our couples therapists. During this session we will:

  • Assess your relationship’s problems and strengths. Your counsellor will listen to both perspectives so that each of your views are heard.
  • Determine what you want from each other. We’ll create a vision of what you want your relationship to look like.
  • Develop a plan of action for how you will achieve your relationship goals.
  • Begin the healing of your relationship by deciding on the concrete action steps you will work on until our next session.
2. Ongoing Couples Therapy Sessions
  • Couples Counselling Sessions

Once we’ve completed the relationship inventory and have determined the plan for moving forward in your relationship, it’s best if we start weekly sessions immediately. We want you to be able to build momentum and quickly create new and more positive ways of relating. To achieve this, it will be in your interest if you attend consistently.

In the long run, you’ll see results faster and save time and money on the duration of couples therapy. Our goal is for you to be able to see immediate results and then turn your relationship around as quickly as possible. 

By the end of your work together in counselling, you’ll likely be able to:

  • Develop healthy, loving patterns of interacting.
  • Skillfully communicate in order to get your needs met in the relationship.
  • Quickly be able to resolve conflict with each other and deepen intimacy, bringing you closer together.
  • Feel safer and more secure with each other.
  • Have more fun together as a couple.
  • Become optimistic about your future together.
  • Grow as an individual becoming more secure and confident in yourself.
  • Know how to Do Love Well.

If you are ready to transform your relationship from conflict and pain to harmony and happiness, contact us now in our Vancouver office.

We also provide relationship counselling and coaching to clients anywhere in the world by phone and secure online video platforms. Contact us to find out more.